Entering the Studio

Arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts and check in at the front desk. You can pay or give the instructor your name if you bought classes online. All new students are required to sign a waiver. This is a great time to inform the instructor of any ongoing injuries, pain, pregnancy, or medical conditions.

Please respect our time as we respect yours; arrive to class early or on time.  If you are late please enter the room very quietly so you do not disturb the class. It is important to complete the whole class for your safety and respect for the teacher and community. Please turn OFF cell phones before entering class and leave them at the front of the studioVibrating cell phones can be disturbing during quiet classes so please make sure you leave them in your car or turn them to DND. Our reception area provides space to hang your jacket and leave your keys, etc.  Shoes can be placed outside the front door Please do not bring personal belongings into the practice space as some classes are crowded or walls are used as a prop for practice.

After you check in please grab any props you may need (check what the instructor has placed at her mat) and find a space on the floor. Many of our Yoga classes have a quiet, meditative atmosphere and students will begin stretching, meditating, or whisper quietly before class. Please be aware of the energy of the space as you settle in. Some classes are more crowded then others, so please be mindful of the setup so others can have space to practice too.


Pixie Dog Enjoying the warm sunshine through the front window